Diageo-owned brewer Guinness has added a second beer to its Guinness Brewhouse range called Guinness Toucan Brew.

The triple-hopped brew will be available in the main urban areas across the Republic of Ireland. It has the same alcohol content as Guinness Draught, uses the same gas mix and settles in the same way with the distinctive creamy head, but the triple-hopping gives a smoother, crisper taste, Diageo said today (18 May).

"The Guinness Brewhouse Series has proved very successful, which is why we are now rolling it out to the main urban centres around the country," said Diageo Ireland marketing director Paul Kelly. "We know that our consumers wanted the opportunity to try different stout brews and the Guinness Brewhouse Series provides them with that choice. There has been a lot of interest in the Guinness Brewhouse Series and now more people will have the opportunity to taste our second brew."

The launch is to be supported by poster, radio and press advertising, and in-pub and PR activity.