The Diageo-owned brewer Guinness has been the victim of an adulteration scam in Nigeria.
Reports have suggested that an entire fake brewery had been set up outside the city of Abuja. Guinness bottles stolen by staff from a legitimate Guinness brewery were being filled with adulterated product and then passed off as the the real thing.
Two people are in police custody but the country's National Agency for Food and Drug Administration is also investigating controls at the local Guinness subsidiary.

In a statement, Diageo said: "Adulteration of products is an industry-wide issue in Nigeria. Guinness Nigeria plc takes this issue extremely seriously. We have strict procedures which govern every element of production - from the raw materials through to bottling. We also insist our partners and suppliers operate to these same high standards. We take every measure to ensure the security of collateral such as bottles, crown corks and labels, and are adopting the latest technology to make it even more difficult for such items to be fraudulently copied."

The company also stated that where it becomes aware of adulteration of its products, it works in partnership with the appropriate authorities to combat such activity.