Gruppo Camparis Espolòn Añejo

Gruppo Campari's Espolòn Añejo

Gruppo Campari's Espolòn Añejo

Category - Spirits, Tequila, Anejo, 40% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$34.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Campari USA

The US arm of Campari has released an anejo extension of Espolon Tequila in US. The iteration comprises white, oak-aged Tequila that has been finished for two to three months in heavily-charred American Bourbon barrels.

Campari reintroduced the Espolon brand to the US four years ago, having bought it in 2009.

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Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza has taken his beloved Espolòn Tequila to new heights with his latest experiment gone incredibly right – Espolòn Añejo. To put a creative mark on the world of Añejo tequilas, award-winning Espolòn aged tequila did the unexpected – a traditional Añejo with an Espolòn twist. In using a technique pioneered by Oropeza himself, the first of its kind in Mexico, this innovative process takes white oak-aged tequila and finishes it for two to three months in heavily charred American bourbon barrels allowing the liquid to take on the complex, rich flavor for which bourbon whiskey is famous. Brought to the United States for the first time by Espolòn Tequila, Espolòn Añejo is now available to stir things up.

Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza brings multiple decades of expertise to the craftsmanship of Espolòn, applying as much artistry to the liquid as is found on the label. The traditional Día de Los Muertos-style imagery on each bottle depicts significant moments in Mexican history and pays homage to the brave men and women who fought to establish modern day Mexico. The Espolòn Añejo bottle celebrates the Jarabe de Jalisco, now considered the national dance of Mexico, also known as Mexican Hat Dance. A liquid inspired by the risqué performance banned by 19th century Mexican authorities for being controversial, Espolòn stirs things up to create a truly revolutionary Añejo.

Our award-winning tequilas of Espolòn stand as a testament to Cirilo’s pioneering spirit, commitment to his art and a promise to never give up on his dreams,” says Kathleen Schuart, Senior Marketing Director White Spirits & Cordials , Campari America. “Cirilo doesn’t produce tequila. He creates it. Espolòn Añejo Bourbon Barrel Finish is the result of his passion for the art of tequila making and we are excited to finally share it with American tequila aficionados. We love it in distinctive cocktails, but a liquid with a finish this smooth and rich deserves to be sipped.”

Oropeza is always looking to take his tequila to new heights, whether it’s playing music as his tequila is fermenting, or experimenting with unusual techniques that go against the norm. Espolòn Añejo came to life through finishing the aged tequila in whiskey bourbon barrels, resulting in a truly unexpected and complex finish, with a medium to full-bodied taste. This Añejo has a bright, reddish-gold hue, with a balance of roasted agave and wood, and hints of dried fruits and butterscotch. Subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruits and chocolate make it perfect for sipping or on the rocks. Espolòn Añejo can also be enjoyed in distinctive cocktails.

Espolòn Añejo is the third expression in a portfolio of the handcrafted, authentic Mexican spirits born out of an intense passion to create extraordinary tequila. Espolòn Añejo, along with Espolòn Blanco and Reposado, are made from 100-percent Weber Blue Agave from Los Altos, the Highlands region of Jalisco, Mexico.

Espolòn Añejo (750ml, 40% ABV) will be available nationally for $34.99, alongside Espolòn Blanco and Reposado (both $25.99).

The story of Espolón lies in the heart of Mexican history itself. Handcrafted with 100% Weber Blue Agave in Los Altos, the Highlands region of Jalisco, the award-winning tequilas are the pride of the San Nicolas Distillery and made in the Mexican tradition with modern techniques. A dream come true for Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza, Espolòn pays homage to the legendary rooster, and is a tribute to the artists who inspired the world with their true portrayals of the rich, storied culture of Mexico. Espolòn’s striking bottle artwork features the calavera (skeletons) depicting key moments in Mexican history, and led by the proud rooster, Ramón. Espolòn Tequila, voted a 2012 Hot Prospects brand by IMPACT Magazine, has seen unprecedented growth since it was acquired by Gruppo Campari in 2010, showing a 42 percent increase in 2012 with sales of more than 75,000 cases.

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