Gruppo Campari has named the star of its 2018 Red Diaries campaign, as it looks to continue the short film initiative.

Avatar actor Zoe Saldana will appear in 'The Legend of the Red Hand', which centres around the pursuit of the the 'perfect cocktail'. Gruppo Campari said the campaign is an evolution of its 'every cocktail tells a story' activation. 

The company launched Red Diaries last year, after it retired the long-standing calendar marketing activity for brand Campari. The inaugural Red Diaries film starred British actor Clive Owen.

"This year, The Campari Red Diaries campaign takes a new and interesting turn; we are demonstrating Campari's ambition for creating the perfect cocktail whilst continuing the celebration of talent in the art of bartending around the world," said CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz. 

The film also stars Italian actor Adriano Giannini and is directed by Italian director Stefano Sollima. 

The Legend of Red Hand will be launched globally in 2018. The video above is a behind-the-scenes preview.  

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