As part of a £3m (US$4.27m) national campaign running to the year-end, two new advertisements for Scotch whisky brand The Famous Grouse are to be screened this month.

Following the footsteps of 17 advertisements using the highly successful "well loved" theme, the first advertisement to be screened will see the Grouse turn Houdini as it performs a contortionist trick on a spinning-top like object across the familiar white set.

The Grouse gymnastically unravels himself before the ad closes on the end line, "Unwind."

Chris Anderson, marketing manager for The Famous Grouse distributor, Maxxium UK said: "The new advertising will continue to build on what has proven to be an exceptionally successful campaign.

"Thanks to his award winning performances on TV, The Famous Grouse now enjoys exceptional levels of awareness which has helped drive sales and enabled the brand to consistently outperform the blended Scotch whisky market," he continued.