Click through to view the GreenBottle paper wine bottle

Click through to view the GreenBottle paper wine bottle

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UK-based GreenBottle is claiming a world first with its namesake paper wine bottle, likely to be launched in 2012.

With a fully recyclable and 100% compostable paper casing, the GreenBottle is the same shape as a standard wine bottle, is closed with a screwcap, and contains a plastic liner that has about one third of the plastic content of a conventional plastic bottle, the company said today (14 November). 

After use the bottle can be split and separated so that the paper element can be disposed of separately. 

Non-breakable and weighing in at 55g - compared to about 500g for an average glass wine bottle, the company estimates the carbon footprint for a wine GreenBottle to be 10% of its glass equivalent.

The GreenBottle is produced using proprietary machinery developed from existing equipment used in the production of similar paper bottles for milk.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from supermarkets and wine producers, so we could see the wine GreenBottle on shelves as early as next year,” said GreenBottle's inventor, Martin Myerscough.

Accoring to the company’s own post-usage research, “over 80% of consumers who try GreenBottle prefer it over plastic bottles, and instantly understand the environmental benefits it brings,” Myerscough added.