Jamba Juice®, the category-defining leader in all-natural, made-to-order fruit smoothies and juices, has announced the debut of its newest smoothie: an antioxidant rich, free-radical fighting powerhouse -- the Jamba Juice "Grape-Berry Crush." Bursting with Concord grape juice, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and raspberry sherbet, "Grape-Berry Crush" challenges the notion that red wine is the only reasonable -- and pleasant -- way to benefit from antioxidants, and gives Jamba Juice customers a tasty short-cut to the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. "With people celebrating the annual grape harvest now in full flush, the introduction of 'Grape-Berry Crush' is a timely addition to our diverse menu of unique smoothies which are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber," said Kirk Perron, the company's founder and chairman. "In addition, 'Grape-Berry Crush' presents a unique alternative to the doctor-recommended consumption of red wine as a way to benefit from grapes' antioxidant abundance. Now at Jamba, you can reap those benefits through a delicious, satisfying seasonal smoothie designed for the active, healthy lifestyle." Jamba Juice® is the category-defining leader in all-natural, made-to-order fruit smoothies, juices, nutritious hot soups and healthy snacks. The company maintains its reputation by providing a stimulating experience featuring unique products made with the highest quality ingredients, vibrant stores and outstanding customer service. Jamba Juice has more than 350 company and franchised/licensed stores in 18 states nationwide, and can also be found at select Whole Foods Markets, college campuses and airport locations. For the nearest location call: 1-888-JAMBA-12 or visit