Efforts by the Russian Brewers Union have resulted in a governmental decree on aluminium can duty reduction.

In a statement the Union said: "The Russian Brewers Union and the brewers during 2002 repeatedly appealed to the Russian Federation Governmental Commission For International Trade Protection And Customs Policy requesting to fix the customs duty at 20% and further reduce it to a minimum as long as the aluminium canned beer market develops."

The Russian Federation Governmental decreed a reduction of the duty imposed on imported aluminium cans down to €22 for 1,000 pieces. This new rate will become effective within one month after decree publication and remain effective for 9 months.

Originally the rate was €41 for 1,000 pieces as a protection against a dumping policy implemented by aluminium can importers. However the Brewers Union said no survey was done to identify the dumping policy, which is yet to be proved. "Such a hike is a real disruption for the Russian brewing sector. Hence the canned beer price in 2002 has been 10 - 15% up, as a result many brewers had to cease from canned beer segment," it said.