The Serbian government has extended the deadline for potential investors in the state-owned brewer Beogradska Industrija Piva (BIP) to come forward.

The deadline has been moved back by nine days to 14 November. The Serbian Privatisation Agency said an auction would be held on 25 November for BIP which comprises a commercial centre, three pubs and a mothballed brewery. The call price for the company has been set at €15.22m (US$18.3m).

The agency also announced that it has extended the deadline for the sale of BIP's Budva hotel on the Adriatic coast. The hotel is also to be auctioned on 25 November, with a starting price of €2.44m.

The government abandoned an attempt to privatise BIP earlier this year when it received only one bid for a 51.31% stake in the company, from a consortium including Slovenian asset manager Poteza Nalozbe and the Serbian brewer Pan Beer.