Carlsberg, Official Beer of Euro 2000 and the England Team, has revealed early click-through rates of over fifty times the industry average for their groundbreaking Euro 2000 online advertising campaign.

The campaign, driving traffic to the Euro 2000 microsite at, goes beyond anything previously seen in online advertising and aims to attract consumers by using ads that appear to be straightforward executions, but which then have a surprise twist.

One execution appears to be a standard movie of a footballer playing keep-up. Suddenly he turns and smashes the ball through the side of the browser window and onto the host page, causing the entire screen to shake. The consumer can then click the ball on the page, to be delivered to the site.

In another execution, a footballer actually dribbles the ball across the top of the page. When the footballer reaches the middle he turns to face the user and lifts his shirt in Euro-style celebration. Written underneath on his clickable vest is the call-to-action to visit the Carlsberg Euro 2000 microsite.

Tom Hings, Carlsberg Marketing Manager, said: 'Carlsberg is unique in its level of support for football at all levels. We are reflecting our commitment to football, and building the Carlsberg brand with a campaign that is also entirely unique. The innovation of this online advertising campaign means they achieve a stand-out far beyond traditional online advertising.'

The campaign is targeted at 18-34 year-old males and runs on key match days during Euro 2000. Sites where the campaign runs include and Megastar.