Global Brands has launched a review of its production processes in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

The UK-based company, which owns the VK Vodka Kick RTD brand, said earlier this week that it is looking at ways of reducing the impact on the environment of its glass bottles, PET bottles, aluminium cans and packing processes and will roll out a number of initiatives in early 2010.

As part of the review, Global Brands plans to reduce the weight of VK 275ml glass bottles from 210 grams to 175 grams.

"The reduction will dramatically increase the number of bottles the trucks can deliver in one trip," said production director Mario Gibbins. "Coupled with the new packing processes we plan to implement, we can cut the number of trucks we use by 30%."

In the New Year, Global Brands will also look at using less steel in bottle crowns and light-weighting PET bottles and the glass VK 70cl range.