The Scotch whisky company Glenmorangie has said that Glenaird, its joint venture with The Drambuie Liqueur Company, will begin bottling Drambuie Cream at its Broxburn site this month.

"This bottling coincides with the first anniversary of the joint venture that covers all aspects of the production of Drambuie from sourcing to bottling, warehousing and logistics. The joint venture has been successful for both parties and Glenmorangie has obtained improved utilisation at its Broxburn facility," the company said in a statement.

Commenting on this milestone, Paul Neep, chief executive of Glenmorangie plc said: "We are pleased to be entering into a further phase of our joint venture with Drambuie. During the first year, the Drambuie production process has been fully integrated into the Broxburn site and is delivering the planned benefits for both parties. Maximising the full potential of our assets remains an important focus for the Company."

Commenting on the development of Drambuie Cream, Stuart Jeffray, corporate affairs director at Drambuie, said: "We are delighted that Glenaird has been a success and that Drambuie Cream will be bottled at Broxburn. This coincides with the wider launch of Cream with a new advertising campaign in the UK through our new distributors, Bacardi-Martini Ltd. Drambuie Cream is also performing well in its other launch markets, Greece, Australia and Holland."