Click through to view GlaxoSmithKlines Lucozade Energy Strawberry

Click through to view GlaxoSmithKline's Lucozade Energy Strawberry

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GlaxoSmithKline's Lucozade Energy Strawberry

Category - Soft drinks, energy, flavoured

Available - From 13 September

Location - UK, in wholesale and impulse channels

Price - RRP of GBP0.95 (US$1.49) per 38cl bottle

Distribution - GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline has added a strawberry-flavoured variant to its soon-to-be-sold Lucozade Energy soft drink brand. The company, which announced earlier today (9 September) that it will sell Lucozade and Ribena to Suntory, will precede the divestment with the UK roll-out of Lucozade Energy Strawberry next week.

Last year, GSK launched Lucozade Energy Caribbean Crush in the UK.

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The makers of Lucozade Energy, the UK’s No.1 energy drink[1], from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is expanding its range for impulse retailers with the introduction of a new tasty flavour – strawberry. The exciting addition to the successful Lucozade Energy portfolio will tap into a new flavour profile for the Lucozade brand building on the recent success of Lucozade Energy Pink Lemonade and Lucozade Energy Caribbean Crush, which was the No.1 soft drinks NPD launch of 2012 within the impulse channel[2].

Specifically developed for the impulse channel, the strawberry based flavour is a first for the sports and energy category and is set to drive penetration amongst current consumers. With a 95p price-marked pack (PMP) the NPD will deliver value for both retailers and shoppers. PMPs are crucial in the impulse environment where research suggests over 70 per cent of customers are more likely to purchase a price-marked product.

Roxana Parvizi, Senior Brand Manager for Lucozade Energy, says: “Our new Lucozade Energy Strawberry flavour has been selected by our consumers as the most interesting flavour that is not in our current range. Strawberry as a flavour has mass appeal across all drink flavour segments and by listening to our audience the new launch will target current energy shoppers, drive penetration with a flavour that has a high appeal and strong purchase intent. The new addition to the £389m Lucozade Energy range[3] will disrupt shoppers and encourage impulse purchasing.”

“Retailers are encouraged to stock up on the new Strawberry variant; with its unique pack design it will create great standout on shelf. The launch will further be supported with POS specially created to drive excitement in store.”

Lucozade Energy Strawberry will be available through the wholesale and impulse channel in 380ml singles with an RRP of 95p from 13th September.

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