GlaxoSmithKline is to launch a new look for its Ribena brand, the UK's leading still juice drink. The introduction of a new logo and re-branded packaging is intended to boost consumer awareness of the brand and ultimately drive sales.

The re-branding is part of the £36m support package GlaxoSmithKline is providing for Ribena during 2003. Packs featuring the new design will be available to retailers from the 31st March 2003.

Ribena's new look, produced by Seachange Creative Partners, will play on the health tag by emphasising the brand's Vitamin C providing properties. The redesign has enhanced the Ribena droplet within the logo resulting in an easily recognisable 'C' symbolising the brand's high Vitamin C content. One serving of Ribena provides the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, the company said.

Simon Kemp, Ribena marketing category director, GlaxoSmithKline, said:: "The latest incarnation of the Ribena design draws upon the brand's 70 year long heritage, whilst ensuring that it is kept contemporary to consumers. The refined and vibrant Ribena image has been designed to fully emphasise the 'Rich in Vitamin C' message across the whole range and ensure that the brand remains fresh, relevant and appealing to consumers."

Kemp continued: "Ongoing market research tells us that still juice drinks is one of the fastest growing segments of the cold drinks market increasing at 5.5% year on year - proving that brands such as Ribena, with its long-standing heritage and huge investment, will be increasingly important to retailers."