German brewer Karlsberg Brewery has signed an export and distribution deal with GK Skaggs Inc across the US for its flagship beer Karlsbrau.

GK Skaggs said it plans to launch Karlsbrau within its network of wholesale beer distributors throughout the US beginning in the fourth quarter of 2005. Packaging will include 12-oz. long-neck green bottles sold in six packs, and a 24-oz. long-neck green single-serve bottle. A five-litre mini-keg will be introduced in the third quarter of 2006, with cans to follow later in the year.

"Karlsbrau is distinguished in the German beer market segment not only by its unparalleled quality and taste, but also by how it is brewed," said Gregory Skaggs, president of G.K. Skaggs. "Extra time is spent in the lagering and fermentation process to make this a truly unique, premium-quality import."

Karlsberg is jointly owned by Heineken and the Weber family. It operates two breweries in Germany and one in France.