Wine Intelligence has released the Germany Landscapes 2017 report

Wine Intelligence has released the Germany Landscapes 2017 report

Germany is behind on wine brand recognition, leaving room for new players to enter the market, according to recent research. 

Wine Intelligence said today that still light wine brands are struggling to build brand awareness and affinity in the German wine market. The research company's Germany Landscapes 2017 report shows that despite being the largest imported wine market by volume, Germany falls behind the US and UK in terms of brand awareness.

According to Wine Intelligence, 55% of regular wine drinkers in Germany recognise the top five brands in the market, compared to 77% in the UK. 

The report also highlights increased consumer involvement in the category and the growth of average spend. Around two thirds of regular wine drinkers in the country agree that deciding which wine to buy is an important decision, and nearly half enjoy trying new and different styles of wine, the research firm said. If brands are known, 65% of consumers say this choice cue is important when selecting wine.

"Until now, wine marketing in Germany has not had much success translating consumer needs into compelling and memorable brand propositions," said Wilhelm Lerner, Wine Intelligence country manager for Germany. "Yet the growing levels of involvement, and increasing spend per bottle, among typical German wine consumers, particularly those under 45, makes me wonder whether we are at a turning point in the cycle, where brands will start to matter more."

Lerner said consumer interest in wine-style descriptions at point of sale could be an opportunity for marketers to "tell a story and build brand equity". 

The Germany Landscapes 2017 was compiled using Wine Intelligence's ongoing quantitative survey, Vinitrac as well as interviews with local industry experts. 

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