A sizeable shipment of Georgian wine is set to be destroyed, having been seized by Russian authorities, according to local reports.

Local news service Itar-Tass has reported that over 500,000 bottles of the wine were confiscated from a warehouse in Moscow yesterday (3 October). The news piece cites Filipp Zolotinsky, a spokesperson for the city police department's division on economic crimes.

"The inspection goes on," Zolotinsky told the news service, "and the investigators are trying to find out who sent the wine to the warehouse."

 "The warehouse owner has been identified as a citizen of Georgia. He is being questioned."

"Experts said that the wine is dangerous to human health, so the entire shipment will be destroyed," Zolotnitsky was also cited saying.

Russia and Georgia have been at loggerheads for most of this year, with both sides either banning - or proposing to ban - the other sides' products. Georgian wine has been the subject of an import ban in Russia since March, with Russia claiming they contained pesticides and were of poor quality.

The trade dispute has come amid worsening relations between the two countries since Georgia's Rose Revolution in 2003. Relations with Georgia soured further earlier this year when Russia's natural gas monopoly raised the price of its gas supplies to the country.