Shareholders of the world's largest soft drink company Coca-Cola were pleased to learn that Coca-Cola expects its second quarter worldwide volume to rise 5%-6%.In an announcement last week, Coca-Cola said 1.5% of the gain will be brands acquired from Cadbury-Schweppes and, even though it is still down from its highs in the summer of 1998, Coca-Cola stock is up 38% since March.The majority of the second quarter volume increase is coming from Europe and "Eurasia", according to the announcement and the company's growth overseas is continuing with Coca-Cola entering North Korea in the past month.The overall outlook for Coca-Cola may be looking positive, but after putting US$700m into India it still has no firm foot-hold and this is one country which Pepsi dominates by being number one cola seller, followed by Thums Up and Coke. Pepsi has also announced it plans to extend its Miranda Orange brand to 500ml PET bottles in the Delhi market.