Future Brands has renewed its deal with Glazer's Distributors in two US states.

The company, a venture between Beam Global Spirits & Wine and The Absolut Spirits Co., has extended its deal with Glazer's in Texas and Louisiana.

Glazer's will distribute the portfolios of Beam and Absolut as part of what Future Brands called "an exclusive, long-term agreement".

"Our success is hinged on building and strengthening critical partnerships with our distributors, and our ongoing relationship with Glazer's will give us the competitive advantage needed to succeed in Texas and Louisiana," said Steve Bellini, Future Brands' president and CEO, yesterday (17 January).

He added: "We are confident that our partnership with Glazer's positions us - and them - to capitalise on key growth areas and fuel our overall success."

Glazer's president Jerry Cargill added: "The selection of Glazer's as the exclusive distributor in Texas and Louisiana speaks to the confidence that our partners have in our ability to build and sell their brands."