The French government will launch its first anti-binge drinking campaign this week.

The TV, radio and cinema spots will feature adolescents enjoying a "paradise-like universe", which turns into a nightmare after they drink too much.

The campaign, set to launch tomorrow (17 July), is aimed at under-25 year-olds and forms part of a raft of new anti-drink laws due to be in place by next year.

Other measures will include a total ban on alcohol sales to underage drinkers from bars, cafes or supermarkets as well as a ban on so-called 'open bars', where students pay a nominal amount for a night's drinking. The legal age to buy any type of alcoholic drink will also be raised from 16 to 18.

The moves follow increasing concern in France about binge drinking - known as a 'bonne cuite' or a 'good cooking' - amid recent incidents of adolescents found with alcohol poisoning in the country, one of whom died.