The managing director of newly-formed Foster's Wine Estates is heading to the UK to outline his plans for the unit. Jamie Odell, who spent two days this week in the US, is looking to detail his intentions for the merger of Foster's and Southcorp's sales and marketing functions in the country.

Whereas the two North American businesses will be kept separate for at least six months, it is expected that the UK integration will be much swifter, the Australian Financial Review said today (3 June).

As both Foster's and Southcorp have sales and marketing operations in the UK, merging them should be easier than in North America, the paper said, as Foster's runs other facilities there, such as the Beringer winery operation in California.

John Murphy, the head of Foster's Australia, the newly-created sales and marketing arm for beer, wine and spirits in its home country, addressed staff at Southcorp's head office in the Sydney suburb of Artarmon earlier this week.

Last week, Foster's said that it will conduct a two-month review before making major structural changes at Southcorp after the successful A$3.2bn takeover. Foster's now has control of 95.3% of Southcorp.