Foster's Group is launching an aluminium-bottled version of Crown Lager in its domestic market.

The Australian drinks group said yesterday (8 February) that it had teamed up with CCL Container to make the new bottles.

"We waited to launch our Crown Lager in aluminium bottles until just the right time," said Paul Gloster, consumer solutions manager for Foster's Australia.

"We celebrate Christmas and New Year under the summer sun here in Australia, and we wanted to introduce our premium brew in its unique new packaging at the height of the holiday season."

CCL introduced the first US-made aluminium crown beer bottle for Pittsburgh Brewing's Iron City beer in the US.

Ed Martin, CCL Container's vice president of sales and marketing, added: "Just as in the North American market, the aluminium bottle helps marketers drive consumption.

"Foster's considered other on-premise package options, including PET and shaped cans, but ultimately decided that our aluminium bottles offered the unique shape, upscale look and distinct style that would enhance the premium image of Crown Lager."