The Australian brewer, Foster's Group, has announced that it has signed a 10-year extension to its licensed brewing and distribution deal with the European brewing combine, Interbrew, for the lager brand, Stella Artois.

The Foster's Australian brewing operation, Carlton & United Breweries, has had the rights to brew and market Stella in Australia since 1997.

"CUB has achieved outstanding results with our brand since the start of the licence in 1997", said Hugo Powell, CEO of Interbrew. "We are pleased to reaffirm our longstanding and successful partnership for another 10 years. With CUB's proven strengths in brewing, marketing and distribution, we are confident that Stella Artois will continue to deliver significant growth in Australia."

"This is a win-win relationship for both companies. We share a strong, strategic commitment to building premium brands. We are very committed to growing Stella Artois and continuing its significant contribution to the expansion of the premium segment in Australia", said Trevor O'Hoy, managing director CUB. "The duration of this agreement underlines the confidence Interbrew has in CUB and the commitment both parties share in the future of Stella Artois® in Australia."