US wine importer Folio Fine Wine Partners has launched an online tool to help consumers and retailers locate wines from its portfolio.

The WineDriver, available at, allows consumers to enter the state in which they wish to purchase and the name of the Folio wine they are seeking. The tool will then advise on availability from a local wholesaler.

"We wanted to create a service on our website that helps consumers find any of our wines locally," said Michael Mondavi, founder of Folio Fine Wine Partners, yesterday (30 October).

"Often a consumer will try a new wine and then have difficulty finding that wine again - especially if they go back to their retailer or the wine is no longer available, and they can't remember the exact name to help the retailer. With The WineDriver, they now have all the information the retailer needs - including the distributor - to track down the wine more easily."

He added: "In addition to serving the consumers' needs, we're helping the retail trade deliver better customer service and build their consumer base - it is impossible for retailers to stay on top of the estimated 60,000 labels in the US market."

The Mondavi family founded Folio in 2004. Last week, the company added Spanish wines from Celler Vall Llach to its portfolio.