Consumers are not yet tired of vodka extensions

Consumers are not yet tired of vodka extensions

Demand for flavoured vodka in the US looks set to continue after a survey showed that two-fifths of customers intend to drink more.

Some 42% of flavoured vodka drinkers said they are likely to drink them more often, with just 14% saying they were tired of them, according to the Consumer Edge Insight survey, released yesterday (13 February). Meanwhile, 41% of flavoured rum drinkers said they want more, while 16% have had enough, the survey said.

“Flavour innovation has been a key source of growth for most spirits categories and the outlook for flavoured spirits looks very strong, particularly in vodka and rum,” said Consumer Edge Insight president David Decker.

The outlook for whisk(e)y and Tequila was less rosy. Only about half of customers drink flavoured extensions compared to 70% for vodka and rum, according to the survey. Some 24% and 28% of drinkers are tired of flavoured whisk(e)y and Tequila respectively, the survey found.

Decker said: “We are earlier in the lifespan of flavoured brands in those categories and we anticipate that more new product offerings will continue to grow the flavoured segment in each of those categories. We will be watching closely as the profile and preferences of flavoured spirits drinkers evolve.”

The survey questioned people who consume any type of alcoholic beverage at least once a week.

Earlier this month, the Distilled Spirits Council of America said nearly half of volume growth for spirits in the US last year came from flavoured products.