Fischer Beverages the US importer of fine craft beers has announced the release of its most innovative beer - 63°N 46°W.

The water used to brew Fischer's latest beer has been collected from the glaciers of Greenland according to the company at polar coordinates 63° North by 46° West.

The company said: "In these extreme regions the ice lying dormant thousands of metres below the surface may be up to 250,000 years-old. By using ice protected from pollution for thousands of years as its primary ingredient, 63°N 46°W makes a strong claim to be the world's purest beer.

"After careful selection, the very dense, very pure ice was made ready for transport to the Fischer brewing facility in Alsace, France. The rare water was combined with fine spring malt and aromatic hops to produce a limited amount of cases of 63°N 46°W.

63°N 46°W is available only in select European locations or via the Fischer Beverages website.