Finlandia vodka has passed the 3m-case mark for annual volume sales, US-based owner Brown-Forman has said.

Growth in Central and Eastern Europe has lifted Finlandia sales above the 3m cases mark for the first time, Brown-Forman announced today (12 January).

Brown-Forman has significantly boosted volumes of Finlandia since acquiring the brand four years ago.

"It took Finlandia 23 years to reach one million annual shipments, 12 years to reach two million and only three years to break three million," said Finlandia managing director Maureen Brekka.

She said that, in addition to a boom in Poland and Russia, Finlandia has also seen strong growth for its flavoured varieties.

"We experienced more than 30% growth in our flavours last fiscal year," said Brekka. "Our flavour growth has been consistently strong over the past few years and at the same time our Classic Finlandia Vodka has continued to show dynamic growth."

Absolut vodka, acquired by Pernod Ricard last year and the second biggest vodka brand in the world, sold more than 11m cases in 2007, according to figures from previous owner Vin & Sprit.