Botry-Zen, the company that owns the rights to a biological control preventing botrytis in grapevines, will attain a listing on the New Zealand stock exchange in February, it said.

The company has already had to return around NZ$115m in over-subscriptions for the NZ$5m share issue. Botry-Zen's 166m shares were issued at 10c each but have been trading in the mid-20c range, until rising to their current level of 40c two weeks ago.

In a report in New Zealand's National Business Review, Botry-Zen's Howard Paterson said he had been pleased with the speed in which the company had obtained provisional registration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, to proceed with commercial production of its product.

Paterson also confirmed that the company was in talks with a US viticulture corporation, which is keen to distribute the product. "We're in talks with this substantial player over there," he told the review, "and they're very impressed with Botry-Zen."