Having revealed details yesterday of its plans to end its troubled relationship with the Belgian brewer Interbrew, Mexican brewer Femsa believes it will now be in a position to boost its exports to the US.

"This transaction will also enable us to redefine the approach to our export strategy and increase the growth of our brands in the United States," Femsa chairman Jose Antonio Fernandez said in a statement.

Femsa may now have to set up a new distribution network in the US, but company executives said yesterday that they were prepared to go down that route, focusing more effort on the eastern US.

There is already speculation that Femsa could instead link with a new partner. Heineken and Adoplh Coors Co have both been mentioned a spotential partners.

"We are ready to do this on our own," Reuters reported Javier Astaburuaga, the chief executive of Femsa's beer division, as saying, adding Femsa was "analyzing alternatives".

"We don't intend to do a fast-track search for a strategic partner," Astaburuaga said. "We are not looking for that kind of partner right now."