FEMSA has confirmed that it is to launch a flavoured malt beverage in its domestic market.

The Mexican drinks group said earlier this week that it will launch Soul Citric nationally in 4,300 OXXO stores from 1 September. FEMSA will follow the OXXO launch with a broader release in Gudalajara, Monterrey and Toluca.

The 4.5% abv drink is made from malt and is flavoured with natural lemon and lime.

Soul Citric will be produced at the company's facility in Guadalajara and will be available in 355ml glass bottles in four-packs and 24-bottle packs, the company said.

"We have focused us strongly on the modernisation of our business," said Angel Abasolo, the company's director of marketing. "We have introduced sophisticated information systems that help us to learn and understand consumer preferences. Thanks to this, we can develop new beverages and strengthen our portfolio by offering them the products that they require."

FEMSA believes the FMB market in Mexico is worth US$200m and is growing at 8% a year.