Effective March 14, 2000, BP Amoco's Barex® 210 Extrusion Grade Resin has been granted approval by the FDA for its use in fabricating beverage bottles for a variety of applications. "This opens a new door for companies looking for an economical, lightweight container that protects the flavor and the appearance of fruit and vegetable beverages, teas and coffees, and isotonic health drinks," says Carmen J. Melillo, Director of Sales and Marketing for the resin. The FDA's Food Contact Notification program clearly removes the previous exemption, in existence since the early 1970s. "Improvements in testing equipment allowed us to demonstrate that bottles made of Barex 210 satisfy the FDA's safety criteria," says Robert Sentman, Technical Manager for the product. "The FDA's assessment of Barex® 210 resin is that it can be used safely in specific beverage applications."