Famous Grouse's decision to launch a liqueur targeting the after dinner drinking occasion should add value to both the market and consumers' experiences. After dinner drinks are under-targeted, but show great attraction to consumers who can be enticed into experimenting.

While a new whisky label (Easy Drinking Whisky Company) strives to entice the youth market, Famous Grouse is targeting the over-40s. Its new liqueur product is specifically aimed at the after dinner occasion.

The after dinner drinking occasion is increasingly being targeted by the alcoholic drinks industry. As an under-targeted occasion with strong connotations of quality, value and sophistication, it offers a real opportunity to add value to the consumer's experience. The trend has particularly taken off among experimental consumers who are being targeted precisely because of their willingness to try new experiences.

Young adult women, who are more likely to dine out than young adult men, are being targeted in chain restaurants such as PizzaExpress and Cafe Rouge, while more affluent thirty- and forty-somethings, particularly singles, are being targeted in more prestigious restaurants. Moving away from the old-fashioned image of after dinner drinking, consumers are being encouraged to see consumption of liqueurs as a fun, indulgent way to extend a drinking out occasion.

As well as a new experience and a prolonged social occasion, the after-dinner drink also allows consumers to add cachet and value to the event. The associations of sophistication and quality are powerful ones, although the main benefit is in the enjoyment of the product.

The rise of this occasion will also encourage off-trade consumption, particularly at dinner parties and similar social occasions. Having been introduced to the concept in the on-trade, where they can experiment and grow in confidence, consumers will be more likely to develop a habit of enjoying after dinner drinks at home. This is particularly true for the affluent forty-something consumers being targeted by Famous Grouse.

In focusing on the after dinner drinking occasion, Famous Grouse has given itself every chance of winning loyal consumers by adding significant value to one particular aspect of their lives.