Tagus Creek gets revamp

Tagus Creek gets revamp

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Falua Sociedade de Vinhos has updated the packaging for its Tagus Creek wine brand.

The Portuguese wine firm said late last week that the revamp has been introduced to “give a more contemporary feel with greater focus on the grape varieties in the blend and clearer information on the back label”.

QR codes have also been added to the labels, allowing customers with mobile phones access to more detailed information about the wines.

“Our aim is to communicate directly and clearly with our consumers to demystify the wines and make them more accessible,” said Luis Castro, director of Falua Sociedade de Vinhos. “Portuguese wine is still not as widely understood in the UK as other categories.

“This new image for Tagus Creek will not only increase shelf standout for the range but also help to educate consumers about Portuguese wines and grape varieties in a way that is engaging and forward-thinking.”

Tagus Creek is available in the UK, Belgium, the Nordics, China and Switzerland and is set to belaunched shortly in the US.