Despite industry concerns a grape over-supply, Australian wine exports continue to surge.

The Wine and Brandy Corporation has reported new records for the year ended January 31 at 378m litres, up 21% on the previous January-January year. Export values were A$1.77 billion (US$880m).

Australia's four biggest markets remain the UK, up 22% by volume (184m litres) and 21% by value; the US, up 28% by volume (78m litres) and 16% by value; New Zealand, up 24% by volume (25m litres), 21% value; and Canada, up 8% volume (17m litres) and 14% value.

France also continues to be an important destination, the strongest growing market in percentage terms. However, France is mainly a destination for trans-shipment to other European markets.

The Wine and Brandy Corporation also noted in its report that French channel port such as Calais and Boulogne allow British buyers cheaper prices than available at home.