eVine.com of St. Helena announced today that the e-commerce site will be fully operational on June 30, 2000.

The debut of the company's Web site will be showcased at the ASEV Annual meeting in Seattle on June 21 and 22.

eVine is the premier business-to-business e-commerce site for the wine and grape industry, providing an online marketplace where buyers and suppliers can connect and transact. eVine delivers a secure, unbiased medium for grape growers, wine producers and suppliers to efficiently buy and sell wine industry goods and equipment. Suppliers expand their reach at a low-cost, while buyers gain centralized access to a whole source catalog, pertinent industry news and regional weather forecasts.

According to Lawrence D. Fairchild, President/CEO and Founder of eVine.com, "eVine enables suppliers to expand their market reach by enhancing existing distribution methods. Buyers can search and compare suppliers' pricing, get product quotes in real-time and place and track orders online. Our goal is to expand the marketplace, both locally and internationally. Our intent is to move beyond simple purchase transactions in developing true worldwide access to a continually expanded array of goods and services."

eVine provides easy access for the pricing and purchasing of products that are currently only available through manufacturers or distributors, including barrels, bottles, chemicals, fertilizers, field equipment, grapevines, irrigation supplies, trellising and inventories when availability is a factor. All products can be purchased directly through the site.

Additionally, users will also be able to review new products and technology, receive critical disease and insect information, and daily weather and temperature information.

Fairchild has put together an "experienced, professional team from within the wine, business and technology industries" to ensure customer service and satisfaction and a "seamless" experience for all users. "We are," he adds, "the specialist in vineyard and winery supplies, and the only b2b site with technology in place and ready to launch."