In a move intended to communicate Evans & Tate's business more effectively across the globe, the Australian winemaker Evans & Tate today announced that it has changed its name to the Evans & Tate Wine Group.

This change will not affect the Australian Stock Exchange listed trading entity, which will remain as Evans & Tate Limited.

The company said the change was considered necessary for a number of reasons, including its expanding operations, which now include viticultural management services, contract processing, as well as manufacturing and selling wine.

Following its expanding international role, Evans & Tate said it also needed to be able to clearly communicate the nature of its business to audiences who do not have the high level of name awareness the company enjoys in the Australian market.

Chairman and chief executive officer, Franklin Tate said: "For some time we have recognised the lack of transparency in the name Evans & Tate when it came to communicating with third parties who were not familiar with our business. The change we are making today will address these concerns.

"While in 1970 our business was singular and easily defined, 33 years later we are a diversified business, operating down the entire production and distribution line from vine to market.

"It is important that we identify a single entity under which we can unite and focus all our energies on creating shareholder value."