The rate of glass recycling in the European Union came in flat in 2010, according to recent figures.

Around 25bn glass bottles and jars were recycled in 2010, the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) said yesterday (26 March). The average recycling rate in the region in 2010 was the same as 2009 at 68%.

“Glass collection and recycling is the perfect component of a circular economy,” said FEVE's president, Niall Wall. “As there is still 32% of glass that is not yet collected, our goal is to get this precious resource back in the bottle-to-bottle loop. With the help of national and EU authorities, collectors and processors we want to increase the quantities of good quality glass collected so that we can recycle more in our plants.”

In May, the EU Commission is set to change the legal status for post-consumer glass, or cullet, to come under the term 'non-waste'. The move should help increase the rate of glass recycling in the region, FEVE added.

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