Enterprise Inns has issued an apology to Carlsberg over claims it was set to delist the lager in UK pubs and restaurants.

The pubco giant admitted yesterday (27 November) that it had made a mistake after it was reported last week that Enterprise had informed licensees the brand was to be removed from its supply list.

Simon Townsend CEO said in a statement this week: "For the sake of absolute clarity, Enterprise is not delisting Carlsberg lager from our estate. We have, however, launched a major initiative, which makes (InBev's) Stella 4% available to Enterprise retailers, giving first-user advantage and a tremendous support package to those who wish to take it up.

"The primary purpose of our recent letter to retailers was to promote this new opportunity."

Townsend said it was always the company's intention that Carlsberg should remain available to "those retailers who believe that it represents an essential part of their customer offering"

"We have apologised to Carlsberg for any confusion and embarrassment that this unfortunate miscommunication has caused," he added.