The Canadian Government has placed caffeine limits on so-called “energy shots” as part of an overhaul of its clasification system for the sub-category.

Micro-sized caffeine drinks are now allowed a maximum of 200mg of caffeine per shot, after the change came into effect on Tuesday (5 February), Health Canada said. Manufacturers must also clearly label the amount of caffeine and other active ingredients in each product.

Energy shots were under a temporary authorisation system, but are now classified within the natural health products sector. This places energy shots under different regulations to regular energy drinks, which have been reclassified as food products.

Energy drinks, under their new classification introduced last month, are now capped at 180mg of caffeine for a single serve container. Energy drinks were classified as natural health products until Health Canada started reclassifying efforts in October 2011.

Across the border in the US, energy drinks have come under increasing scrutiny. Last month, two senators wrote to 14 energy drinks companies asking for details of product ingredients and company investigations into health risks to children. The letters come after energy drinks were cited in filings to the FDA relating to a number of deaths.