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Emmi's Caffé Latte Decaff

Category - RTD chilled coffee

Available - From last month

Location - UK, listings in Tesco, Waitrose and “other retailers”; also available in convenience outlets in Cyprus and Mercadona supermarkets in Spain

Price - SRP of GBP1.39 (US$2.35) per unit

Swiss dairy company Emmi has added a decaffeinated extension to its RTD chilled coffee portfolio.

Caffé Latte Decaff, described by Emmi as a “grown-up soft drink”, is available in chiller units in supermarkets and independents. It is targeted at consumers that have cut out caffeine and the “night-time refreshment occasion”.

Last month, coffee chain Starbucks said it was to expand the launch of its carbonated flavoured soda Fizzio after trials in the US and Asia.

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From celebrities and fashionistas to young city workers, chilled coffee is becoming a serious style accessory. No one knows this better than Swiss dairy company Emmi, as it gets ready to cause a stir in the flavoured milk sector this February with the launch of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Decaff, an extension of its popular range of barista quality chilled coffee, designed for drinking on-the-go.

Blended using freshly brewed espresso, made from the finest Arabica beans and the smoothest fresh Swiss milk, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Decaff has been created to cater for consumers that have cut out caffeine as a lifestyle choice but are still looking for an authentic coffee taste, to widen the reach of its current range. The grown-up soft drink, which is targeted at twenty something city dwellers with busy lifestyles, is also geared towards the night time refreshment occasion, for people who want to avoid a caffeine buzz in order to wind down in the evening.

The increasing demand for chilled coffee in the UK is no surprise with the US fully embracing the trend, fuelled by young urbanites looking for refreshment on-the-go to fit into their busy schedules. Coffee flavoured drinks contributed to 50% of market growth in 2013, which was driven by new shoppers entering the market, a pattern that is set to continue in 2014. Since launching in the UK Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE has gone from strength-to-strength, now worth £7.8m Million Pounds, selling 7.3 Million cups.*

Emmi prides itself on producing barista quality iced coffee and is committed to sustainability, selecting only the finest coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Decaff joins Emmi’s Cappuccino, Skinny, Vanilla and Limited Edition New York Caramel variants and is available in Tesco, Waitrose and other leading retailers (RRP £1.39).

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