Eldorado Artesian Springs has completed a deal enabling it to introduce a purified water product line to its existing spring water bottling, marketing, and distribution business in the US.

The agreement, made with the City of Louisville in Colorado, followed six years of negotiations, the company said yesterday (21 November). The contract will allow the water company to use up to "75 acre feet", the equivalent of over 24m gallons, of water per year.

Eldorado Artesian Springs CEO Doug Larson said: "Initially the purified products will be used to fill demand from customers with the need for that type of product and for customers planning to label the purified water under their own name. Eventually, we plan to offer the purified line of products in addition to our flagship brand of Eldorado Natural Spring Water products. The bottled water market is approximately 50% purified water and 50% spring water so this agreement enables us to compete in both segments of the market."

Eldorado Artesian Springs bottles, markets, and distributes spring water in the Rocky Mountain region of the US. The company sells five-gallon and three-gallon bottles of water directly to homes and businesses, national retail grocery chains, and regional distributors located throughout Colorado.