Click through to view E&J Gallos Turning Leaf Refresh

Click through to view E&J Gallo's Turning Leaf Refresh

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E&J Gallo's Turning Leaf Refresh range

Category - Light wine, California, 8.6% to 9.6% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP US$8

E&J Gallo has unveiled a light-style wine.

Turning Leaf Refresh comes in three varietals, Crisp White, Moscato and Red Moscato, and is available across the US. “Its signature fizz and lighter style position Refresh as a refreshing wine option not currently found in the category,” E&J Gallo said.

Red Moscato has 8.6% abv, Crisp White 8.72% abv and Moscato 9.6% abv, a company spokesperson told just-drinks.

The company said the wine could be paired with a wider range of food than other wines.