This print ad forms part of E&J Gallos Moscato: This Seasons Must-Have campaign in the UK

This print ad forms part of E&J Gallo's 'Moscato: This Season's Must-Have' campaign in the UK

E&J Gallo is giving a push to its Moscato range in the UK with the launch of a new multi-media marketing campaign.

The campaign, called 'Moscato: This Season's Must-Have', will target “fashion-conscious 25- to 34-year-old women”, the company said today (19 May). The initiative, launching at the end of this month, will include print and online advertising, social media activity, PR “support”, in-store promotions and consumer sampling.

Gallo branded the “signficant” spend as its “biggest-ever investment” in its Moscato range, through its Gallo Family Vineyards label. The company hopes to capitalise on the growing trend towards sweeter and lighter wines in the UK.

The campaign is expected to reach 5.3m consumers, including 300,000 target consumers through sampling, the company said.