Significant changes in the European Commission's proposed wine reforms will be announced when the draft legislative proposals are adopted on 4 July, including a 3-year extension of the planting restrictions until 2013.

Brussels is also considering how best to allow member states to influence - and possibly even stop - grubbing-up when it reaches a certain level, the commissioner for wine Mariann Fischer Boel told the European Parliament in a preview of the legislative package today (23 May).

Fischer Boel said the commission would further propose "new and national financial envelopes which may be used for support programmes which include genuine market-oriented actions."

Giving no figures, she noted that member states were already arguing over the size of the funds "so at least they accept the concept of national envelopes." The thrust of national programmes should be on the world-wide promotion of European wine "and I therefore intend to make substantial funds available for third country promotion in the national envelopes," she said.