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Click through to view Earth Friendly Distilling Co's 360 Buttered Popcorn Vodka

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Earth Friendly Distilling Co's 360 Buttered Popcorn Vodka  

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured, 35% abv

Available - Initial release in July/August

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - US$15.99 per 75cl bottle

The Earth Friendly Distilling Co has launched a flavour extension to its 360 Vodka range.

360 Buttered Popcorn Vodka follows Earth Friendly's dessert flavours such as Double Chocolate and aims to capture the growing flavoured vodka category in the US, the company said yesterday (10 October). The Earth Friendly Distilling Co is a division of the McCormick Distilling Company.

In an interview with just-drinks last month, the brand owner of UV Vodka said flavoured vodka can gain a foothold in emerging markets such as China.

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It's October, the time of year when corn is harvested and Americans eat more popcorn than ever, leading the Secretary of Agriculture in 1999 to declare October as National Popcorn Poppin' Month. To celebrate, 360 Vodka has created a buttered popcorn flavor to honor America's oldest snack food.

With its telltale aroma and freshly popped corn flavor, 360 Buttered Popcorn captures that buttery goodness that has led Americans to eat 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year!

The first Europeans to colonize the Americas soaked popcorn in milk as a breakfast cereal, then in the 20s it became a popular movie snack and today, 360 Vodka has evolved this taste into a savory grown-up treat. Add a splash of soda, garnish with a chocolate or candy and you have all your movie snack favorites in a glass with no mess or kernels that haven't popped!

"Classic and nostalgic flavors continue to dominate mixology trends and we're thrilled to give cocktail lovers another innovative flavor to spark their creativity and treat their taste-buds," says Vic Morrison, Vice-President of Marketing for 360 Vodka. "In June, we satisfied their sweet-tooth with 360 Glazed Donut and now we're appealing to their salty side with 360 Buttered Popcorn."

With a collection of thirteen flavored vodkas, including the multiple award-winning and favorite 360 Double Chocolate, 360 Vodka, the world's only sustainable vodka is celebrated for perfecting innovative vodka flavors while leaving the smallest footprint thanks to the distillery's numerous and significant sustainability practices.

Price and Availability:

360 Buttered Popcorn retails for approximately $15.99 (750mL) and is available at liquor retailers across the USA. Check the 'Where to Buy' section at for specific local retailers.

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