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Eager Drinks' Rigg's Shrub

Category - Spirit, flavoured, 28% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade, from, Coe Vinters and Cotswold Fayre

Price - RRP of GBP19.99 (US$30.75) per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Eager Drinks

UK-based juice producer Eager Drinks has launched a spirit-based, fruit-flavoured brand. Rigg's Shrub is an alcoholic shrub made from a neutral grain spirit which has been steeped in the juices of blackberries and raspberries.

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Premium pressed and squeezed juice maker, Eager Drinks, introduces Rigg’s – a new alcoholic spirit, made with the juices of the finest raspberries and blackberries.

Rigg’s is created from a neutral grain spirit, which is then steeped with the juices of the raspberries and blackberries to form a unique fruity blend. The concept is inspired by the coming together of fruit and alcohol that was made popular in the 17th and 18th century by Rum smugglers, who would use fruit to disguise the taste of tarnished alcohol, in much the same way the recipe was also  used during prohibition in America.

The berry spirit’s signature serve is with ginger ale, and fresh strawberries and blackberries, however it can also be mixed to reinvent classic flavours and create an array of new cocktails. This new addition to the market has a fresh, full taste that is the perfect supplement to the back bar for the summer months, ideal for pub gardens and private events.

Rigg’s is encased within a classic glass bottle, embellished with a white monocle and moustache, and secured with a cork stopper. As the bottle is emptied, a smiling man appears from behind the dark berry spirit, which reflects the humorous and quirky personality of the brand.

Ed Rigg, founder of Eager Drinks & Rigg’s said, ‘The blend of blackberries and strawberries gives Rigg’s a unique refreshing fruit flavour which can be used to innovate classic drinks as well as creating new ones. Rigg’s transforms cocktails, and the humorous and quirky personality of the brand makes it a summer party essential.’

Rigg’s is available to purchase from The Drink Shop, Coe Vinters and Cotswold Fayre for £19.99 per 70cl bottle, ABV 28%.

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