Optio Health Drinks is launching a new range of nutraceutical juice drinks in the UK. The move demonstrates the increasing demand for products that offer positive health benefits. The drinks, which cater to four different health concerns, will find their largest market with actively healthy consumers. They may well also attract consumers whose interest in health conflicts with more indulgent desires.

Health-conscious consumers are to be offered a new soft-drink option following the launch of a range of nutraceutical juice drinks. The new range from Optio Health Drinks consists of four different drinks, each of which offers different health benefits: Shield boosts the immune system, Tone enhances the complexion, Tempo has a beneficial effect on cardio-vascular health and Charge helps the digestive system.

Drinks like this are targeting the growing numbers of health-conscious consumers. For some consumers, health consciousness means developing an overall healthy lifestyle - sensible diet, plenty of exercise and generally doing everything possible to take care of the body. These consumers are the core consumer market for "juice-plus" drinks, attracted by the opportunity to nourish their body as well as quench thirst (especially one worked up while exercising).

Alternative products such as diet soft drinks or water, or even "ordinary" fruit juice don't offer the same advantages. For the health conscious consumer, these drinks are an easy way to fulfill the same need met by products such as mineral and vitamin supplements. But there is another source of health-related consumer spending, and with the right marketing approach Optio should be able to drink from both taps and increase its revenue stream.

There is a large segment of consumers who feel that they should be living a more healthy lifestyle, but are not prepared to make the necessary changes in their daily and weekly routines. For these consumers, health-related products act as a sop to their desire for wellness, and are often seen to give "permission" for unhealthier aspects of their diet. As Optio Health Drinks will be distributed through major supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and Waitrose, and not health stores, they stand a good chance of accessing the wider range of health-conscious consumers. Related research: Datamonitor, "Health and Beauty Regimes" (DMCM0102)