Spanish scientists are claiming that those who drink alcohol feel better than those who do not.

A study of almost 2000 adults asking people how much they drank, what they drank and how they perceived their age found that people felt healthier the higher the amount consumed according to a report by the BBC.

Taking age, sex, employment, physical activity, smoking and socio-economic status into account, researchers discovered that modest beer and spirits drinkers were as healthy as those who drank small amounts of wine.

The study also found that those under the age of 45 who had any amount of alcohol had a lower frequency of ill health than people who did not drink alcohol. Those studied who said they preferred wine reported ill health less often than those who drank other types of alcohol. But in the 45 and above age bracket the findings were reversed.

Those who tended to consume more alcohol were working, smokers and people with physically demanding jobs according to the report and 57% of those studied said they drank alcohol regularly, most consuming between one and four drinks a day.

But the team of doctors said the findings, which contradict studies carried out in Nordic countries that found alcohol consumption was linked to poorer health should not be used to promote even the moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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