Seven out of ten young adults in the UK claim to never have driven after drinking, according to data released by industry watchdog the Portman Group and the motoring organization RAC.

However, the 560 people were still killed last year by drink drivers, as the remaining 30% continued to drink and drive.

Portman Group CEO Jean Cousins said: " These figures show that while many young people have got the message that drinking and driving never mix, sadly we still have work to do to beat the hard core.

"The old excuses just don't wash; everyone needs to continue to push the only safe message, which is 'Don't drink and drive'.

The survey showed that 61% of motorists believed that the type of hard hitting TV ad campaign that has been running over the Christmas period, from the government, does influence them into not drink driving.

However 13% of respondents said they had not noticed the campaigns running recently.