Cadbury Schweppes plc today reports on its US soft drinks performance in the second quarter and first half of 2000. Compared with 1999, the key numbers for 2000 are as follows:

BRANDS Q1 Q2 Half Year

Dr Pepper +4% +1% +3%
7 UP +3% +3% +3%
All Others +5% +2% +4%

Total DPSU +4% +2% +3%
Total Market 0% 0% 0%

* DPSU second quarter volume up 2% resulted in further market share growth.

* The Dr Pepper brand continued to grow faster than the market.

* 7 UP grew 3% in the second quarter and unaided brand and advertising awareness is up significantly.

* All Other volume growth of 2% in the second quarter was driven by the continued above industry volume growth of Sunkist (+17%), Welch's(+10%) and A&W (+5%).

* Volume performance by bottling system during the first half was particularly strong in Pepsi and the independent system for both Dr Pepper and 7 UP. Dr Pepper/Seven Up Bottling Group, formed in 1999, had a strong first half with volume up 5%.

* Fountain volume grew 3% in the first half, mainly from new outlets.

Commenting on these results, John Brock, Chief Operating Officer, Cadbury Schweppes, said "DPSU benefited from strong bottler execution and solid advertising and marketing programs in the first half. Our momentum will continue in the second half with the rollout of new packaging for 7 UP, sustained advertising support and further promotions".